Perth City Summit workshops reveal safety as top concern

Picture: Jon Hewson
Picture: Jon Hewson

SAFETY is one of the biggest concerns for workers in the Perth CBD.

Perth City Summit workshops and an online survey, initiated by Perth MLA John Carey, showed safety concerns, anti-social behaviour and homelessness were in the top five worst things about Perth.

The list echoed findings of the City of Perth’s Share to Shape campaign launched earlier this year, which found people wanted a safe city that allowed for a “worry-free experience”.

The Guardian Express asked CBD workers what their main concerns were and found anti-social behaviour and homelessness again topped the list.

Anna Cheyne, from The Body Shop, said it was worse in winter.

“Anti-social behaviour is a problem, especially this time of year because people come into the shop looking for shelter,” she said.

Her colleague Caitlin Chalm-ers agreed and said parking, which was not one of the survey’s top five concerns, was also an issue.

“I don’t even bother with parking in the city, it is really bad,” Ms Chalmers said.

One kebab shop employee, who did not want to be identified, said homelessness caused headaches for him and customers.

“Homeless people are always here; they don’t all harass people but some of them do,” he said.

A Japanese restaurant worker, who also did not want to be named, agreed.

“It is worse at night because when women walk home alone they lie out on the street and they ask for money. I think it is scary for women,” he said.

Both men agreed the free transport offered on CAT buses – which topped the survey’s best of Perth list – was a highlight of the city. Ms Chalmers said she loved that Perth people were socially conscious.

“I really like the protests that go in on the city, they get people talking about issues,” she said.

The full findings of the survey will be revealed at the Perth City Summit on August 19.

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