Perth: Cow scupture damaged just days after unveiling

The cow sculpture with the damaged wing at Forrest Place.
The cow sculpture with the damaged wing at Forrest Place.

A COW sculpture in Forrest Place has been vandalised just days after it was unveiled.

Perth artist Benjamin Kontoolas’s creation with bright pink neon wings, part of CowParade Perth, named Beauty X Ethics was damaged some time overnight.

Guardian Express understands the damage is so extensive the piece could be permanently pulled from the exhibition.

Mr Kontoolas said the damage was unfortunate but it was important to encourage discussion about public art.

“At the end of the day, it’s about getting people talking about art and the importance of public art,” he said.

“I hope this will create a dialogue surrounding public art and the way it is treated in Perth and Western Australia.”

City of Perth’s economic development and activation director Annaliese Battista said the vandalism was very disappointing so early into the six-week event.

“Public art brings the community together and CowParade Perth 2016 has already attracted hundreds of visitors to the City of Perth,” she said.

“The West Australian artists and designers commissioned for the CowParade are regarded as some of the best in Australia (and) have put immense time and effort into their work for the public to enjoy and it’s such a shame that the community may now miss out on this beautiful piece of art.”

Ms Battista said the City asked people to respect the artists and their sculptures so CowParade could be enjoyed by everyone.

The damage has been reported to WA Police.