Perth Fashion Festival: HyperLuxe to celebrate first birthday in festival debut

Jenny Sharpless and Madi Sharpless. Picture: Matt Jelonek
Jenny Sharpless and Madi Sharpless. Picture: Matt Jelonek

FAMILY label HyperLuxe will celebrate its first birthday and open a second shop in Dunsborough the same month it debuts at Perth Fashion Festival (PFF).

Jenny Sharpless started the North Beach business with her daughters Madi and Cassie and husband Greg, who works behind the scenes, in September last year.

On September 24, PFF models will be displaying the Sharpless family’s activewear labels on the catwalk at Fashion Central in the city.

“It’s going to be energetic and fun which is what being active should be,” Jenny said.

“Plus we have dancers which will bring the noise and energy before the show even starts.”

Jenny and Madi have recently returned from the US where they attended their first trade show.

Several labels they brought back, including Sub_Urban Riot, have already sold out.

Madi said her mum and sister were more into their fashion than she was but they all had similar tastes, except for the sunglasses.

Jenny said she relied on her daughters to stock the sunglasses that appealed to their younger customers because her taste was very different.

She said one of their aims was to cater for all ages and sizes.

“The girls’ nanna shops here… she lives next to us in North Beach and she’s 85,” Jenny said.

“Stocking all sizes, that’s something that’s been very important to us.

“In the beginning, we found it difficult with some labels to get a size 14 but now we’ve found labels that go beyond that.”

The Sharpless family is opening the Dunsborough store with locals that already run YogaOne.

HyperLuxe Activewear

When: Saturday, September 24 at 3pm

Where: Fashion Central