Perth MLA Eleni Evangel urges City of Vincent to reconsider Bulwer Street bike lane plan

PERTH MLA Eleni Evangel has written to the City of Vincent urging them to reconsider plans for bike paths on Bulwer Street.

The raised kerb demarcating the bike lane is for safety but means parking will vanish from a stretch of the street, with the only remaining bays lining one side of a nearby park.

Ms Evangel said she understood the City’s concern about cyclist safety, especially with the primary school so close by.

“Drivers need to be considerate of other road users, the pedestrians and the cyclists,” she said. “People are just not abiding by the rules.”

Mayor John Carey told the Guardian Express that the City faced “a very difficult challenge… retrofitting streets to make them safer for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists”.

“This is particularly a tricky spot, with a bike route that directly passes and feeds into Highgate Primary School but also in front of resident homes,” he said.

“We are very aware that with parents and children likely to use this bike lane, fully protected bike lanes are the best way to ensure safety; however this does result in loss of parking.”

Mr Carey said the City was “currently reviewing this part of the plan to see if there is a compromise that works to all needs”.