Perth set for weekend heatwave as summer gets ready to turn it up a notch

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PERTH is about to be subjected to the heatwave sweeping the rest of the nation, with a scorching-hot weekend predicted.

After a nice run of weather in recent weeks, this weekend is shaping up to be one best tackled with air conditioning, ice-cream, sunscreen and a pool, or failing that, a trip to the beach.

After a fine mid-week, the temperature is set to ramp up on Friday with a top of 32 degrees currently predicted.

However, it is going to get a lot warmer very quickly on the weekend, with Saturday expected to reach a high of 37 degrees.

Those with thermophobia are going to dread Sunday even more, with the Bureau of Meteorology forecasting one of the hottest days of the season and a top of 40 degrees.

The heatwave is expected to continue into early next week as Monday is expected to reach 34 and Tuesday currently predicted to reach 35.