Perth strip club hits back at ‘PC bullying’ over Anzac themed show

Perth strip club hits back at ‘PC bullying’ over Anzac themed show

A PERTH strip club claims to be a victim of “politically correct bullying” after it came under fire yesterday for an Anzac themed strip show.

The Voodoo Lounge event was billed as a way to celebrate the freedoms “brave men and women fought and died for us all to enjoy”.

The venue came under fire for publicising the Anzac themed show with RSL WA chief executive John McCourt labelling it a tacky marketing ploy.

However, he took to radio station mix 94.5 and said that no one was forcing 90-year-old veterans to attend the show.

The Voodoo Lounge hit back with a spokesperson releasing a savage statement in relation to the event – which has been held more than a dozen times at the venue.

“It seems to us that a lot of self-opinionated people hold themselves up as (a) spokesman for the men and woman who fought and died for their right to exercise that free speech without ever having made any sacrifices themselves,” the statement said.

“For our supporters, thank you (for) demonstrating common sense over PC bullying.

“It seems that in the age of gay marriage and gender equality there are still some bigots out there whose moral girdles are much too tight.

“If we are going to speak about appropriateness it would be more appropriate to ask the men and women who do the fighting and defending of free speech, what their opinion is.”

The statement continued with copy and pasted quotes from RSL WA President Bill Gaynor in 2012 which said: “I have no issue with the ANZAC-inspired strip so long as it did not compromise the Anzac spirit or demean military uniforms”.

“I think you’d find that in the situation on the battlefields, when the guys were on leave I think they’d go and have a look and see what was going on.”

The strip event promotion includes drink specials and a tribute show with free entry to service men and women from the army, navy, air force, special forces, veterans, police, firefighters and more.

Yesterday, RSL NSW president James Brown came out and said anyone who tried to cash in on the commemoration of the Anzacs could face jail or huge fines.

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“We’ve had people doing Anzac-related cocktail nights, a plastic surgeon a couple of years ago offered an Anzac special,” he told Seven’s Sunrise on Tuesday.

“That needs to be strictly policed not only by officials but the public as well.

“If you’re going to a pub in their advertising on Anzac Day and they are not donating to a veterans’ charity, ask why and choose (to go) somewhere else.”