Perth votes: Rules around business owners voting in local government elections

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BUSINESS owners and operators could be eligible to vote multiple times in a local government election if their residence is in a different ward or local government area to their business.

A sole owner or occupier can vote once and a business with co-owners or co-operators gets two votes – as does a business with three people involved.

If the business owner or operator is a resident of the same council but lives in a different ward, they are entitled to an additional vote.

Residents who are also business owners or operators in the same ward in which they live, or who reside within local government areas that do not operate with wards, are entitled to just one vote.

However, business owners and operators and body corporate representatives must lodge a new enrolment form after every two ordinary elections – otherwise they are removed from the owner/occupier role.

Enrolment forms must be lodged to relevant local governments by 5pm on Friday, September 1.