Planning ahead for growing city

The draft Strategic Community Infrastructure Plan sets out facilities needed to cater for a Perth population set to grow from about 17,000 people to 40,000 people in 2031.

It also considers the needs of the growing city workforce, expected to grow to about 186,000 people in the same period.

The plan says about 60 community facilities, run by local and state government and private industry, exist in Perth including East Perth, Northbridge, central Perth, Kings Park and Crawley.

It said an additional four community centres, an education precinct including a primary and high school, a multi-purpose community health hub, six childcare facilities, a culturally appropriate facility for Aboriginal people, a youth facility and an indoor recreation centre were needed.

The plan said these facilities could either be built new or adapted into existing facilities.

A local community centre, youth facility and an indoor recreation centre have been identified as the most pressing needs.

Acting Lord Mayor Janet Davidson said many agencies would need to work together to provide this infrastructure to cater for the growing population.

‘Providing this type of infrastructure in the inner-city, where space is at a premium, demands innovative thinking, collaboration and a degree of creativity,’ she said.