Police back speed reduction

Sergeant David Ball said police would support a reduction in the speed limit in residential areas around WA.

Vincent recently asked Main Roads WA to reduce the speed on Bulwer and Oxford streets to 40km/h to make the roads safer for cyclists and students at nearby schools.

�From a policing point of view, reducing the speed limit in a residential area is good for safety,� Sgt Ball said. �However, I could think of other roads and areas in Perth that could do with a reduction in speed limit before Bulwer and Oxford streets.�

At its meeting last Tuesday, councillors supported Mayor John Carey�s motion to complete a survey that would gauge the community�s desire to reduce the speed across all Vincent roads. The council will receive a report on the survey results after six weeks.

Mr Carey said the council relied on police information about speeding and was in regular contact through the Safer Vincent Committee.

�There will always be people who don�t stick to the speed limits,� he said.

�But it�s about setting a culture on our roads; we need a cultural shift.�

Speed limits in Perth and Northbridge were reduced to 40km/h in 2011 to make the city more pedestrian-friendly.

City of Perth Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi said the response to the change was positive.

�Ensuring the safety of pedestrians, cyclists and drivers in busy city areas and nightspots is a priority for the City of Perth,� Ms Scaffidi said. �More than three years since the introduction of 40km/h zones, it has become part of daily life for motorists, with the added advantage of reducing injury and death to people in motor vehicle crashes.�