Pressure to increase on PM Turnbull to reform GST

Malcolm Turnbull. Photo: AAP
Malcolm Turnbull. Photo: AAP

WEST Australians have put reform of the GST ahead of almost every other political issue according to a new survey.

The survey results will ramp up pressure on the Turnbull Government to deliver financial justice to WA.

Commissioned by the WA Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the poll of almost 2400 people across the nation showed West Australians are demanding resolution on the GST issue.

The Federal Government is due to release the findings of the Productivity Commission into the annual GST carve-up within the next 10 days.

It is expected to announce a range of responses including a transition package for States left worse off by any reforms.

But the changes are not expected to immediately deliver extra cash to WA.

The CCI poll found that when voters in each State and Territory was asked to rank the importance of particular issues, the GST was on top for WA voters.

Chamber chief economist Rick Newnham said West Australians put reform of the GST ahead of other contentious issues including job creation, low wage growth and energy costs.

Only concerns over the cost of living were more important to West Australians than GST reform.

“This is a galvanising issue in WA,” he said.

“West Australians expect our politicians to be doing everything they can to fix the GST because the vast majority do not support the current system.

“Fixing the GST distribution is in the national interest, the Productivity Commission believes it should be changed and that fixing the system will boost the economy.”