City of Perth faces ‘large number of very serious issues’: inquiry

Investigator Tony Power with Kim Lendich today. Photo: Jessica Warriner.
Investigator Tony Power with Kim Lendich today. Photo: Jessica Warriner.

THE inquiry into the City of Perth has heard of a “large number of very serious issues” that “appear endemic” at a public hearing today.

The Department of Local Government and Communities’ inquiry into the City used the hearing to issue a call for public submissions.

The inquiry got underway on May 1, with Tony Power appointed to conduct the probe, assisted by Kim Lendich.

The inquiry has the powers of a Royal Commission.

So far the inquiry has collected almost three million electronic documents, 22 archive boxes and almost 90 electronic devices.

It has used its coercive powers to issue 35 notices, requiring people to produce documents and information.

At today’s hearing, Ms Lendich said investigating the City’s culture would be paramount.

“What is clear is that there are a large number of very serious matters that require investigation,” she said.

“They appear to be endemic at the city.

“It’s a difficult task which is necessary to restore confidence in the City of Perth.”

Ms Lendich said public help would be crucial.

“It is with the involvement and support of the public that the inquiry will best report on the City and its function,” she said.

“As the capital, the City of Perth has extra responsibilities and significance.

“The inquiry must consider whether there has been improper or undue influence or improper or unlawful behaviour.”