RAC warns parents to be vigilant about accidental lock-ins

RAC warns parents to be vigilant about accidental lock-ins

PARENTS have been warned to keep their car keys within reach to avoid accidentally locking children or pets in cars this summer.

RAC General Manager Motoring Mark Weller said more than 120 children and 60 pets were rescued from locked cars in WA last year.

“Accidently locking kids and pets in cars between December and February is particularly dangerous,” he said.

“With outside temperatures sitting above 30C, it can get up to 60C to 70C inside the vehicle.”

Mr Weller said parents should not give their keys to children to play with and should be conscious of where their keys were before closing doors or boots.

If you lock your children in a car on a hot day:

– Take note of the time so that you know how long they have been in the car.

– Call Triple Zero first if there is a risk to your child

– Remain calm and relaxed until help arrives

The news comes as celebrity chef Matt Moran was involved in a stunt with Kidsafe Australia to show how hot it could get inside a car on a warm day.

The stunt involved Moran cooking a lamb loin inside the car. See the video below.