Retail hours extension for Christmas shopping

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PERTH shoppers will have more time to shop in the lead-up to Christmas with the extended retail trading hours.

Commerce Minister John Quigley has approved an additional 35 hours of trading for general retail shops in the Perth metropolitan area from Saturday, December 7 until New Year’s Day.

The general shops can choose to open from 7am on weekdays starting Monday, December 16 until Christmas Eve inclusive.

Retailers trading on Sundays and public holidays during this period will provide four hours of extra shopping time each day with 8am – 6pm trading, which is normally 11am – 5pm.

However, the new hours won’t apply for Christmas Day when larger shops will remain closed, while there is an extra hour on Saturdays.

Trading for the Australia Day public holiday on Monday, January 27 will also be extended four hours to 8am – 6pm.

Commerce Minister John Quigley.

“We hope more shopping time will translate into higher sales for our retail sector this Christmas season, with the extended trading hours giving people greater opportunities to buy presents for their friends and family,” Commerce Minister John Quigley said

“We encourage consumers to shop locally rather than buying from online stores that are based overseas.

“By doing this, they will be supporting local retailers who are employers of thousands of Western Australians and will help to protect the WA retail industry and support local jobs.”

The Minister has the power to extend trading for a 28-day period prior to New Year’s Day and for public holidays outside this period, except for Christmas Day, Good Friday and Anzac Day when general retail shops must close.

2019 retail trading hours:

Saturday, December 7 – 8am – 6pm

Sunday, December 8 – 8am – 6pm

Monday, December 9 – 8am – 9pm

Tuesday, December 10 – 8am – 9pm

Wednesday, December 11 – 8am – 9pm

Thursday, December 12 – 8am – 9pm

Friday, December 13 – 8am – 9pm

Saturday, December 14 – 8am – 6pm

Sunday, December 15 – 8am – 6pm

Monday, December 16 – 7am – 9pm

Tuesday, December 17 – 7am – 9pm

Wednesday, December 18 – 7am – 9pm

Thursday, December 19 – 7am – 9pm

Friday, December 20 – 7am – 9pm

Saturday, December 21 – 8am – 6pm

Sunday, December 22 – 8am – 6pm

Monday, December 23 – 7am – 9pm

Tuesday, December 24 – 7am – 9pm

Wednesday, December 25 – CLOSED (Christmas Day public holiday)

Thursday, December 26 – 8am – 6pm (Boxing Day public holiday)

Friday, December 27 – 8am – 9pm

Saturday, December 28 – 8am – 6pm

Sunday, December 29 – 8am – 6pm

Monday, December 30 – 8am – 9pm

Tuesday, December 31 – 8am – 9pm


Wednesday, January 1 – 8am – 6pm (New Year’s Day public holiday)

Thursday, January 2 – 8am – 9pm (normal trading hours resume, except for Australia Day)

Monday, January 27 – 8am – 6pm (Australia Day public holiday)