Risk of ‘name shame’ mistaken identity

Members of the public have raised concerns about the ages and suburbs of people convicted of seeking a prostitute in a public place not being published on the council’s website alongside their name.

There are currently seven people who have been named on the website, but neither their suburbs nor their ages, with the exception of one, have been included.

At last week’s council meeting Vincent Mayor Alannah MacTiernan said the website, started in June to act as a deterrent, was having the desired effect, but council was only able to publish the information provided to them by the courts.

‘There has been a decline in the number of charges. We have an obligation to restore some level of amenity (in Highgate) and we don’t apologise for doing that,’ Ms MacTiernan said.

But, Councillor Dudley Maier said he was concerned that full details were not provided and he found names on the website identical to others on the electoral role.

‘We need to get the full name, age and address.

‘Some of them have fairly common names,’ he said.

Information of those people charged will remain on the website for a period of six months.

Councillors all agreed street prostitution in the Highgate area was still an evident problem. Rangers will continue to liase closely with police and pass on the details of suspicious behaviour in the area, reported to them by the public.