Road café on the move

Councillors last week made the decision, with the new location to be determined by Vincent Mayor John Carey and chief executive officer John Giorgi, at a cost of about $1100 to $1500.

They agreed keeping the facility (intended to be temporary) at Foam ” installed for almost a year and costing the council $3000 ” would give the business an unfair financial advantage.

The ORC will remain at its new home for at least four months.

At the meeting, Foam owner Nick Vond said he was happy for the facility to go to another Oxford Street site and would donate the furniture he had purchased for its use to the next business. He said the facility had received very positive feedback from patrons.

During the summer months, on a busy day, about 500 people had used it.

However during the winter season it had no benefit to Foam.

‘It was something we just had to try to ensure it wouldn’t blow or wash away,’ he said.

Mr Vond said he had spent about $6000 on furniture and umbrellas for the fixture.

Vincent introduced ORCs to convert on-road parking spaces into public areas.