Road Trauma Trust Account will fund projects in Perth, Vincent

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COMMUNITY grants from the State’s Road Trauma Trust Account will assist projects in Perth and Vincent.

Deputy Premier and Road Safety Minister Liza Harvey said the latest round of grants would support events as well as projects, and all the grant recipients would be working in their own locality to reduce crashes and road fatalities.

Ms Harvey said the $103,300 in grants for this round took the total amount given this financial year to $213,061.

The City of Vincent’s Safe Speed Program will receive $22,500, and Bicycling WA’s ‘Luminocity – Night Ride Perth’ receives $1300.

Vincent’s TravelSmart steam applied for the grant. The Safe Speed Program involves running a Speed Display Trailer program to align to the safe speed initiatives currently underway in the town, with the ‘SDT’ being used at community events as well as on the roadside.

The program also involves more safety information at community events, with a particular focus on the City’s bike infrastructure – as well as raising motorists’ awareness of cyclists.

The ‘SDT’ will be used to inform road users of amended speed limits, to promote key messages such as the dangers of fatigue and alcohol, and reinforcing the speed limits in school zones.

“These community grants are an important component in reducing road trauma from a local perspective, and the initiatives put forward by people and groups who understand the need and influence of grassroots level involvement is always pleasing,” Ms Harvey said.