Safety concerns keep Ladder shut

JACOB’S Ladder will be closed until at least May after a preliminary report found deterioration.

City of Perth construction and maintenance director Paul Crosetta said “some instability” was identified in the stairs and wall of the structure.

“In some areas, cracks have weakened walls enough for them to become bowed and loose,” Mr Crosetta said. “Works are required immediately to ensure Jacob’s Ladder’s structural integrity is maintained and it is safe for the public.”

The City closed the popular exercise destination on February 22, citing safety concerns.

Mr Crosetta said the next step was to engage contractors to complete remedial works.

“The City will take advice from contract engineers in determining how long it will take to fix the safety issues but due to the notable defects, Jacob’s Ladder will be closed at least until late May 2016,” he said.

“The City understands how important Jacob’s Ladder is for recreational use and as a tourism destination and acknowledges the disruption caused to regular users.

“Our commitment is to the safety of the public first, and Jacob’s Ladder will reopen when all the necessary repairs are carried out and final clearance inspection has been undertaken.”