Sale of historic stained-glass windows to help Film and Television Institute

Sale of historic stained-glass windows to help Film and Television Institute

NORTHBRIDGE-based Film and Television Institute (FTI) is looking for a benefactor to buy a unique part of Perth’s history.

FTI is selling a remarkable set of stained-glass windows depicting the city of Perth as it was in the 1870s.

The windows, made by Arthur Clarke of Barnett Brothers in 1928, were commissioned for the Capitol Theatre.

When the elegant theatre was demolished in 1967, the windows were saved by the Royal WA Historical Society and held in the WA Museum until FTI had the windows restored and installed in their then headquarters in 1984.

When FTI moved to Northbridge a suitable place for the windows was not found, and with budget cuts affecting the entire arts sector the institute is looking to sell the windows to raise funds and to ensure they are displayed in an appropriate place.

FTI chief executive Paul Bodlovich said the heritage value and aesthetic beauty of the windows had generated a lot of interest, but the current economic climate posed a challenge.

“We are talking to institutions, the Museum is interested, the City of Perth is interested, the Art Gallery is coming to have a look at them,” he said.

“The base replacement value of the work is estimated at $80,000, although the cultural and historical value has seen the windows valued as high as $230,000. FTI is seeking reasonable offers that will see the windows once more publicly accessible to the people of Perth.”

Perth MLA John Carey said FTI and the public would benefit if a suitable home was found for the windows.

“I have been involved in not-for-profit organisations and you are always trying to seek new funding opportunities, and this is a beautiful work of art,” he said.

“There is no doubt we are in difficult financial conditions, both private and public.”

FTI expressed hope the windows would ultimately be displayed in a way that allowed the public to fully appreciate their historical importance and artistic merit.

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