Seaplane takeoff is delayed

The Swan River Trust (SRT) referred an application on behalf of Catalina Airlines to the City of Perth for comment on the relocation of the landing area from Melville to Perth waters.

While City of Perth Planning Committee members were receptive to the proposal, at last week�s meeting they unanimously voted to advise the SRT it could not support the plan because of a lack of information.

Catalina Airlines chief executive Mack McCormack said he was very disappointed about the decision, given he had provided detailed information and historic data of trials to the SRT.

�I find it difficult to understand why a similar detailed report and application was not presented to Perth City Council and why no notification was received by our company from the Swan River Trust in regards to the Perth City application,� Mr McCormack said. �On this basis, we did not have an opportunity to review the information being tabled to PCC or to provide a presentation to Perth City Council.�

It is proposed that two areas within the Swan River marked by buoys would be used for take-off and landing, including one running parallel to Riverside Drive and an existing channel between the Causeway and Barrack Street, not currently used for marine traffic. Operating hours would be seven days a week between 8am and 5pm.

Councillor Reece Harley said he wanted to see the proposal go ahead.

�I�ve experienced a seaplane landing before and it is not noisy so that isn�t a particularly big concern; however we can�t support the application based on the evidence provided,� he said.

The City�s advice will be passed to the SRT, which will consult the Council again if it considers approving the proposal.