Senior Rebels bikie facing prison term for meth supply

Senior Rebels bikie facing prison term for meth supply

A senior Rebels bikie is facing a lengthy prison sentence for supplying methamphetamine later on-sold to an undercover policewoman, a Perth court has heard.

Duane Thomas Chapman, 50, supplied the high purity drugs to Megan Rowe independently and without the approval of the Rebels, the West Australian District Court heard on Monday.

Rowe then sold the meth in batches over a few months to an undercover policewoman she met on a plane.

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Defence counsel Lloyd Rayney said his client was sympathetic towards Rowe because she was in debt.

He said Chapman’s previous drug convictions were for small amounts, for which he was fined.

Mr Rayney said Chapman was a devoted father of two children aged 11 and 13 and was also a grandfather, having acknowledged his partner’s grandchild as his own.

He said as a younger man Chapman was on the verge of selection for the All Blacks and also played American football until injury ruined his season before turning to wrestling.

Mr Rayney said despite his “fearsome appearance”, that was not the man Chapman was.

Chapman, who has pleaded guilty to several drug charges, will be sentenced next week.

Rowe was previously jailed for seven years and 10 months over her involvement, the court heard.