Serve of free tennis from Mount Lawley club

Serve of free tennis from Mount Lawley club

MOUNT LAWLEY Tennis Club is getting caught up with the tennis fever sweeping the nation and is offering free lessons.

Head coach Rhys McDougall told Guardian Express he wants to promote the sport in the areas around Mt Lawley and Inglewood.

“We offer tennis lessons for children and adults every day and in particular offer after school tennis lessons to the children during the school terms – I want to offer a free group lesson to all, young and old,” he said.

The Club offers a one-hour session for groups of up to six children aged six to 14, with 30 minute sessions for groups of up to six in the three to five years bracket.

“For the teenagers we offer squad sessions for 90 minutes. For the tournament players we have some fantastic options to learn and play on a full time basis,” Mr McDougall said.

“We provide really clear pathways for our children to excel in the sport if that is their desire. We also make it really fun for those just interested in trying their hand at tennis which is a great sport to be played for a lifetime.”

The chance to play competitively for Mt Lawley Tennis Club also exists.

Mr McDougall has represented Australia eight times playing in the Australian over 35s and 40s Men’s team.

The club has a team of seven registered tennis coaches.

To claim a free group lesson and find out more about the club, locals can email or call 0401873440.