Shock Art: WA filmmakers explore extreme art in mini docos to screen on ABC iview

Shock Art airs on ABC iview from Wednesday.
Shock Art airs on ABC iview from Wednesday.

THE work of WA filmmakers will screen on ABC iview from this week.

Shock Art is a series of six, 10-minute webisodes that explore how far artists go to get a reaction from an audience and critic, asking if shocking, disgusting and offensive creations can be viewed as legitimate art.

Art historian Christina Chau sets out around Australia to experience works that are confronting, challenging and enraging audiences.

Award-winning director Sam Bodhi Field said he was surprised with how extreme the reactions were.

“I realised that at the extreme end of the scale, out-there art can cause immense outrage, disgust, torrents of abuse, and even lead to criminal charges,” he said.

“Love it or hate it, controversial art has serious power.”

Shock Art is a part of Art Bites, a venture between the ABC and Screen Australia that gave four filmmaking teams the opportunity to produce content specifically for ABC Arts on iview.

Shock Art will be available on ABC iview from Wednesday, March 15.