Shofer to rival Uber, taxis in Perth

The Perth Shofer fleet at today’s media launch. Picture: Matt Jelonek
The Perth Shofer fleet at today’s media launch. Picture: Matt Jelonek

UBER and taxis are facing some stiff competition, with up to 80 cars hitting Perth streets after tonight’s national launch of the newest rideshare app, Shofer.

In an Australian first, the on-demand transport app includes a 24/7 panic button to ensure passenger safety and a breathalyser test the driver must pass before they can start the car.

Passengers can also request a female driver.

Shofer chief executive David Mills said it was a safe and affordable means of transport with no hidden costs.

“Our safety focus means that even parents can feel comfortable using Shofer for school drop-offs and pick-ups and the corporate sector can purchase ‘Shofer miles’ to help ensure everyone gets home safely from after-work functions,” Mr Mills said.

“Shofer is about connecting with our customers.

“We don’t stop at taxi ranks, we pick you up at a location convenient for you and we stop where you tell us.

“Shofer drivers are Perth people who know the Perth metropolitan area and are familiar with all of our freeways and road networks.”

The app charges a minimum of $6 per trip and 50 cents per minute plus $1.35 per kilometre.

Shofer calculates fare cost and estimates travel time before the driver accepts the ride.

The organisers expect another 140 hybrid cars to join the fleet in coming months and petrol vehicles will be used to meet demand in the interim.

The official launch of the rideshare app takes place at Langley Park from 5.30-7pm tonight.