Social media users ridicule the worst Kmart “hacks”

Some of these so called Kmart
Some of these so called Kmart "hacks" are more fail than fab.

WE all want our homes to look good, without spending a fortune and Kmart has provided an easy way to do that.

In recent years, mainly women have congregated in Facebook groups to share the hacks that made their cheaply purchased Kmart furniture look a bit different.

However, another group of these so-called “hacks” has started an alternative group to parody the worst of them.

“Brenda” is a fictional character the group Kmart Unhacks and Roasts made up and she’s the person responsible for the worst of the worst.

Below are the ten best Brenda hacks posted to the page:

1 Business Brenda 

Take a $6 fruit bowl and add some $2 beads, et voila you have this amazing Chandelier.

2 Scarecrow chic 

Well, at least she’s recycling?

3 Hope you have the fire brigade on speed dial Brenda

Let’s hope that Kmart ivy is fire retardant.

4 Comic sans font and pimped up cheap glasses 

Only the best box wine for these $45 glasses.

5 Where are my sunglasses? 

It’s like the Brady Bunch and the Golden Girls started a reno show – one commenter wrote.

6 Keeping it classy in the bathroom 

Is any bathroom complete without a poo sign?

7 This is actually a lovely little girl’s room 

Wait are they severed animal heads on the wall?

8 Ambient lighting… on a stick 

It turns out these are actually solar lights, so for the full effect, Brenda would be left trotting out to the backyard to charge them in the sun every day.

9 Many many memo boards 

Brenda would like you to know she’s a funny mum.

10 The pièce de résistance 

Are you really a Kmart mum if you don’t have a tattoo proclaiming your brand loyalty?