Spoke in the wheels over tracks

Spoke in the wheels over tracks

A petition, signed by 75 people, was submitted to council requesting the Oxford Street plans be abolished due to the added safety risks when people leave driveways and shortening of footpaths.

The petition highlighted the dedicated bike path along Britannia Reserve, which could be used by cyclists as an alternative to an Oxford Street cycle path.

A Mt Hawthorn cyclist also spoke against the plan at the meeting and said the demand did not justify the expense.

The $2.5 million Bike Network Plan will add bike lanes to part of Scarborough Beach Road, Oxford Street, Vincent Street and Bulwer Street. The City received 48 specific responses to the Scarborough Beach Road plan as a part of its consultation period, with the majority (79.2 per cent) in favour of the project.

The Vincent Street and Bulwer Street plans garnered 34 responses specifically addressing those lanes with the majority (74 per cent) also in favour.

Responses to the Oxford Street project are expected to be presented at an upcoming council meeting.

Councillor James Peart, who is often seen travelling through Vincent on his bicycle, said the network was needed to grow the number of people using cycling as a form of transport.

‘Without this infrastructure, you don’t get the growth in cycling,’ he said.

‘I have complete confidence in our engineering staff that they are looking at all the associated risks and traffic issues.’

Councillor Joshua Topelberg said the plan was a part of a long-term vision to ensure Vincent town centres were connected.

‘It is reasonable to expect that we provide cycling lanes for cyclists to ride on,’ he said. ‘On balance we are doing a good thing.’