State Election: No government call on City Beach High School boundaries

Education Minister Peter Collier.
Education Minister Peter Collier.

The Liberal State Government still does not plan to release a City Beach High School student intake boundary until the end of the year.

In September last year Education Minister Peter Collier announced his party’s pledge to re-open the school, which closed in 2005, to ease the pressure on overcrowded colleges in the western suburbs.

The Opposition later made a counter-pledge to build a high-rise school at the Perth City Link in 2020 for 1500 students from years 7 to 12.

But parents of school-aged children will have to wait for the new intake areas, with the Government holding on to them until the end of the year.

Education Minister Peter Collier’s spokesman said it was not a political move.

He said if the boundary was finalised too far in advance , many things could change in the meantime.

A Department of Education spokeswoman confirmed it undertook preliminary information gathering for a local intake area for the City Beach secondary school in 2016.

An opposition spokesman said “The maps of the new intake areas (for the CBD school) will be released in government.”

“This is exactly the same timeline as the State Government has announced with City Beach High School,” the spokesman said.