Stirling joins councils with DAP doubts

FOLLOWING in the footsteps of the cities of Vincent and Bayswater, the City of Stirling will investigate the viability of Development Assessment Panels (DAP).

Councillor Elizabeth Re presented a motion last Tuesday that was nearly identical to one put forward on March 1 by Vincent Mayor John Carey and Cr Emma Cole. The motion stated DAPs represented a “significant erosion of planning powers by elected representatives”.

Cr Re said DAPs were “thwarting the professionalism and intelligence of council staff”.

“This is flying in the face of our ratepayers, who pay for everything that we do, we owe them to have a respectful look at what is going on,” she said.

“There’s quite a few councils that have adopted this exactly as it is, we have to sit there and say this is important to show solidarity with other local governments in saying we need to have this reviewed.”

Councillors unanimously agreed that the item should be held over to a planning and development committee in May.

Cr David Michael said while he agreed with most of what Cr Re said, councillors needed to “talk about each of the points one by one and do more research”.