Street appeal a tribute to Mary

The Mt Hawthorn resident�s sister Mary died in February, 2014, just two years after being diagnosed with the disease and Mr Flood has been volunteering with MNDAWA ever since.

�She was fiercely independent her whole life. She looked after my parents when they were getting old, she was the person in the family who kept all the siblings, nieces and nephews together as well, so it was horrible to see the way it affected her,� he said.

�Basically, there are two ways the disease can affect someone; it can start from the bottom limbs up or it can begin from the head and the neck down.

�My sister�s began in the head and neck region; basically she progressed to losing control of her muscles in her neck area and upper limbs, which ultimately resulted in her being confined to home.�

On May 15, Mr Flood will host a street appeal around Mt Hawthorn to spread awareness about the devastating effects of MND and raise money to help patients and carers.

�Raising money to assist MND sufferers and their families can help make their life a bit easier as medical expenses and equipment can place a real strain on finances,” he said.

�I’d urge anyone with a few hours to spare on May 15 to make contact with the Association and offer to help out, particularly anyone who had a family member or friend diagnosed with the illness; helping to fundraise for MND is an incredibly rewarding thing to do.�