Street in the spotlight

A local area plan for the district was developed in 2010, with guidelines developed to create a vision for the area.

Mr Povey said the document, created with community and officer input, highlighted the opportunities for infill and higher density development along Beaufort Street.

‘The two key things for Inglewood are firstly its character retention for residential development,’ he said.

‘The second is building the commercial heart along Beaufort Street.

‘There has already been some development such as the refurbishment of the clock tower and apartments. That is the kind of intensity and character we would expect to see up and down the street in the future.’

Mr Povey said developments along the road could also contain higher density housing options.

‘Not only are more people able to live in the area with increased density, but it also brings more retail and cafes into the precinct,’ he said. ‘Beaufort Street also presents the biggest opportunity for more housing diversity.’

While Mr Povey said private investment was needed for the area, highlighting the IGA on Tenth Avenue as a potential site for development, he said initiatives such as bus lanes extending all the way down Beaufort Street would help the burgeoning area.