That’s checkmate, fellas

The club has a mix of men and women chess players, ranging in skill level from beginners to state champions.

Joy said the role of women in chess was seen in the same way as it was once was in golf, bowls and fishing.

�I was one of the stalwarts at the Marmion Angling Club, but I could only be an associate member and we wanted to be full members to have voting rights,� she said.

�Here there is no discrimination. Chess is really evolving out of just the men�s bastion.�

Club organiser Hilda O�Callaghan said more female and male players would be welcome at the club.

Joy said she did not want people to be deterred from joining the club because they had expert players like eight times WA chess champion Wolfgang Amadeus Leonhardt.

�I�m a beginner but I understand it a lot better now,� she said.

For more information about the club, call the Loftus Community Centre on 9328 3098.