Three products from Target, Aldi and Spotlight recalled due to dangers to consumers

Product Recall
Product Recall

RECALLS have been issued for kombucha, candles and a stick blender due to dangers to consumers.

The kombucha was sold at Aldi, the stick blender at Target and the candles at Spotlight.

The organic kombucha in raspberry lemon 330ml, lemon, lime and bitters 330ml and 750ml flavours could cause an injury as the cap has a tendency to pop off the bottles.

This is due to high pressure inside the bottle.

The stick blender comes with a risk of electrocution or burns.

Some have overheated during use which caused the external plastic enclosure to melt exposing live parts.

It was sold at Target stores from January 2014 until December 2018. 

The candle sold at Spotlight from May 2018, until January 11 comes with a risk of injury.

The glass could shatter as the wick is too close to the edge which is also a fire risk.