Throwing out the bins

Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi said the City of Perth was informally discussing the possibility of providing businesses with heavy duty plastic bags that would be collected from the street rather than a rubbish bin.

Ms Scaffidi said that currently some businesses took more than a day to bring their bins in, which was ‘aesthetically displeasing’ particularly in an entertainment precinct.

‘In New York, they don’t have bins,’ she said.

‘When businesses empty the bins, especially in James Street, they’re left out there until the owner collects them.

‘It’s all about making our city more presentable.’

Big N chairman Mike Keillor said he was not against the idea and it would be good to trial it in a couple of streets before it was rolled out across the city.

‘I know what they mean because some people aren’t community spirited and leave the bins out and it does look a bit untidy,’ Mr Keillor said.

‘I guess my only thing is we do have a bit of a problem with black crows around here and they’re pesky little buggers and if they split the bag open, the rubbish goes everywhere.’

Mr Keillor said the bags would be more unsightly, but if everyone adhered to the program, it would be all right.

‘It’s no more effort than what they’re currently doing,’ he said.

‘One is taking the bin out and taking it back in, this one is taking the bag out and that’s the end of it.

‘I can’t imagine it’s any great inconvenience for businesses.’