Tips for Perth parents juggling kids during school holidays

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THE school holidays can be enough to send a shiver of panic down the spine of even the most organised parent.

Just how do you keep the kids entertained during the break, while also managing to stay on top of things at work and not sending yourself broke?

Thankfully, many employers are becoming more flexible in creating family-friendly workplaces.

But the challenges remain.

Brooke Arnott, a small business advisor and managing director of the Small Business Lounge, said school holidays can be extremely difficult for parents.

“If both parents are working, or if you’re a single parent, it can be very stressful,” Ms Arnott, the mother of twin girls, said.

“Just trying to deal with rosters, drop-offs, pick-ups, friends houses, different vacation care – I think the financial burden of paying for all that extra care, especially during the Christmas holidays, can be stressful for parents.”

With that in mind, Ms Arnott shared her tips for getting through the school holidays sane and financially solvent:

1. Plan ahead

What school holiday programs are available? Structured programs and workshops keep kids engaged and learning.

2. Create flexible working environments

Discuss different options with your employer. Can you work from home or change your work hours?

3. Kid sharing

Can a friend who can have your children one day and you take there’s another day? Using your network to share the burden can be a huge help.