Tougher parking restrictions

Chelmsford Road residents Ross Field (left) and Nabil Luyer with a Bikram Yoga student heading to a class. d415321
Chelmsford Road residents Ross Field (left) and Nabil Luyer with a Bikram Yoga student heading to a class. d415321

The decision was made in response to 63 complaints about parking on the road and in nearby streets in the last 12 months.

Most complaints were about clients of Bikram Yoga Perth (located on Vincent Street) parking on the street, which make it impossible for cars passing through and limits access to driveways.

The decision also refused a development application for the building next door to Bikram Yoga, at 315 Fitzgerald Street, to operate as a recreational facility.

In an unusual step, Vincent chief executive John Giorgi’s recommendation to council to refuse the application was contrary to the officer’s recommendation to approve the development.

He said the application should be refused because it intensified the use of the site and would ‘highly likely result in an increase in the number of parking complaints and traffic congestions’.

Six Chelmsford Road residents spoke at last week’s council meeting outlining issues on the street.

One resident, Ross Field, said it was often impossible to enter or leave his driveway because of the parking chaos, with emergency vehicles including ambulances often struggling to negotiate a path down the street.

The restrictions will stop cars parking on the south side of the road and limit parking to one hour on the north side.

But Vincent and Fitzgerald director Mark Burns, who owns both the Bikram Yoga site and 315 Fitzgerald Street, said the development application complied with the City’s planning policies and as such should be approved.

‘Bikram Yoga should not be raised as an issue in discussing the application at 315 Fitzgerald Street,’ he said.

‘The staff saw no reasons to recommend refusal. The application has met all the planning guidelines in regards to parking and all other subject matter.’

A report to council says the application meets the requirement for car bays with 25 using the facility.

The State Administrative Tribunal will now decide the application.