UWA residents urged to ride not park

Ms Scaffidi made the comments after the City of Perth was asked to consider providing 30 parking permits for residential students of University Hall, St Georges College and St Thomas Moore College.

The permits would allow students to leave their vehicles on Park Avenue, west of Crawley Avenue.

‘We understand current residents are in a difficult situations,’ Ms Scaffidi said.

‘But it is not the role of the City of Perth to provide on-street parking.

‘The university should provide parking on campus. Why should Crawley residents have their amenity impacted?’

Council agreed to advertise the proposal, but Ms Scaffidi indicated she would not support the change.

The permits were requested after complaints from residential students and their parents about a two-hour time restriction imposed in May on the north side of Park Avenue.

They said the time restriction on the 41 on-street parking bays meant students did not have a place to park their car, with one complaint saying there was no adequate public transport.

A University of WA spokesman said 1141 people were accommodated at the three colleges, with 308 parking bays for those students.

He said the university had not received any complaints about parking at colleges and there were no plans for more bays.

‘The high number of overseas’ students at the colleges means generally that many do not have a vehicle,’ he said.

‘The university strongly encourages use of public transport, bicycle riding and other forms of sustainable transport when commuting to and from UWA.’

The spokesman said parking bays were allocated on application, seniority and needs depending on the college.