Valentine’s a day to think of putting a cap on romance

Northbridge-based SRHWA spokeswoman Rebecca Smith said the combination of Valentine’s Day and National Condom Day was a chance to promote healthy relationships and remind people of the risks of sexually transmissible infections.

“While people are generally feeling more comfortable buying and carrying condoms, for some there is still a stigma involved,” Ms Smith said.

“Carrying condoms isn’t a sign you’re asking for it.

“In fact, it shows you are taking responsibility for your sexual health, as well as your partners’.”

Northbridge-based Frisk Bar is also involved, with venue manager Jill Kady planning to support the initiative by distributing free condoms as part of the event.

“Frisk feels strongly about safe sex and is happy to support National Condom Day by providing free condoms in our bathrooms that can be accessed without judgement in the hope that sex will be enjoyed with minimal risks,” Ms Kady said.

Ms Smith said talking about safe sex early on in a relationship and before the heat of the moment meant there was less chance of being “carried away” and having unsafe sex.

“Young people continue to engage in risk-taking behaviours and hopefully encouraging them to think ahead and always have some condoms handy means they will be less likely to have sex without one,” she said.