Video kills comedy star

Comedian John Robertson. Picture: Andrew Ritchie d427349
Comedian John Robertson. Picture: Andrew Ritchie d427349

The WA boy is back from London to present the world’s only live action video game, The Dark Room, along with his new show A Nifty History of Evil at FTI in the State Library of WA.

Robertson said he was excited to perform for the folks at home and host a special short course at FTI.

‘I’ve done The Dark Room 270 times and A Nifty History of Evil is my new show ” the workshop beforehand will be gravy,’ Robertson said.

‘Nobody’s fused improv and digital media like I have. I look forward to teaching weirdos to be weirder.’

The Dark Room, originally played on YouTube, combines physical challenges, difficult trivia, arbitrary cruelness and comedy in a choose-your-own-adventure style video game.

The seasoned stand-up said the surreal show was for anyone who had ever touched a video game, seen a video game, or had done neither and was willing to be thoroughly disturbed.

‘I’ve been fascinated (with video games) from the moment I saw them as a kid ” I like tiny worlds that I can control, or if not control, at least steal a jetpack and blow up a bus,’ Robertson said.

‘I came up with the idea for The Dark Room onstage at the Perth Convention Centre while improvising a joke in front of 2000 people at Wai-Con, Perth’s best Japanese animation convention.

‘Being surrounded by screaming, excited people is a great time to have a new idea.’

The Dark Room Live and A Nifty History of Evil will be performed at 6pm, October 24. Tickets at