Vincent Mayor John Carey calls on City of Perth Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi to quit

Vincent Mayor John Carey will step down in January.
Vincent Mayor John Carey will step down in January.

VINCENT Mayor John Carey has called on Perth Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi to resign.

Failing that, Mr Carey said the State Government should dismiss City of Perth council and hold fresh elections.

Mr Carey, who is also the Labor candidate for the state seat of Perth, made the call after efforts to reform the City of Perth’s restrictive media policy were recently defeated.

“It is clear that the Lord Mayor should resign. If she won’t, then the Minister for Local Government needs to dismiss the council and have fresh elections,” he told the Guardian Express.

“There is no way to describe it than to say there is a toxic atmosphere on that council.”

Mr Carey said there were “good members” on Perth Council but the reputation of the City had been severely damaged.

“It isn’t confined to the boundaries of the City, it is the entire Perth metropolitan area; it reflects on all of us,” he said.

“The key concern should be the residents and ratepayers of the City of Perth. I think it is clear that everyone is deeply concerned about the dictatorial culture that has developed, where there is a gag on councillors speaking openly.

“What is wrong with healthy debate? It happens at Vincent. I’ve lost votes 7-2 and 8-1 as a mayor and it is fine.

“There should be a healthy contest of ideas.

“It is extraordinary that (Perth) councillor (Janet) Davidson moved a motion from (councillor) Jemma Green – which she did not support – only to prevent Cr Green from making the closing comments of the debate. Why move something if you don’t support it?”

Mr Carey concluded: “City of Perth residents and ratepayers deserve a fair go. Let’s stop this mess.”