Way clear for barrier

Councillors agreed at a recent meeting to investigate removing the right and left-in lanes into the street to reduce traffic in the short section of road, with the aim of reducing vehicles at the intersection of Eighth Avenue and Hamer Parade, where two recent crashes reported by the Express, occurred outside Inglewood Pre-primary School.

Council agreed to keep its forward works program for the area on track, but also install a $7000, 28m long barrier within the pre-primary school grounds.

Parent Aileen Johnson said she was pleased some action would be taken, but would prefer the Eighth Avenue entry be closed completely.

‘It’s disappointing to learn that the council does not plan on putting in any other traffic calming solutions to Hamer Parade until another three to five years,’ she said.

‘The intersection there may not be perceived as being as dangerous as some other traffic black spots that are awaiting funds.

‘But the implications of an accident so close to the school site could potentially be far more devastating than others.’

A report to council says Eighth Avenue, between Hamer Parade and Walter Road, carries 416 vehicles per day and Hamer Parade between Walter Road and Dundas Road has been listed on the City’s five-year forward works program.

The report says in the past five years, there have been eight crashes at the Eighth Avenue and Hamer Parade intersection, with three recorded during school hours and was therefore of lower risk than some other sites in the City.

The barrier was offered as an alternative solution to completely closing Eighth Avenue.