Weekday lanes to be discussed

Weekday lanes to be discussed

The Perth Transport Authority (PTA) is seeking City of Vincent support to introduce peak-hour bus lanes along Beaufort Street in Mt Lawley and Highgate.

Chief executive John Giorgi said the government body would attend tonight’s council forum to discuss dedicated weekday lanes between Brisbane and Walcott streets.

PTA spokesman David Hynes said they improved efficiency and reliability of the bus network.

‘It’s well documented that there are more cars on the roads in WA than ever before and it’s leading to increased congestion,’ he said. ‘Transperth buses use the same roads as cars, and so we have been looking at ways to improve travel times.’

However, Mr Giorgi said Council had concerns about the likely impact on the precinct if it became a through transport corridor rather than a pedestrian- friendly destination.

‘It is a question of finding balance between efficient public transport and preserving the Beaufort Street ‘vibe’,’ he said.

Mr Doy said using Beaufort Street as a connecter to outlying suburbs as part of a long-range public transport option would cause problems.

‘You’ve got speeding buses zooming down and then that obviously has an impact on the pedestrian environment, which obviously impacts on Beaufort Street as a place and its viability for businesses,’ he said.

Completed works in the City of Perth section of Beaufort Street had seen significant road widening.

‘It’s their mandate to get people from A to B as fast as possible but we would say not at the sacrifice of a great place.’

He said their ultimate view was to introduce short-range public transport options.

‘The idea that’s actually been touted with Council before was to get a CAT bus and to get local artists to paint it so it stands out from the others’