Whipped into shape by City: Whipper Snapper Distillery

WHIPPER Snapper Distillery could host up to 26 corporate functions a year after the City of Perth approved its application for additional use last week.

Outgoing deputy mayor Rob Butler said residents near the East Perth distillery were concerned about noise from functions held at the venue without City approval.

“Several functions had been held at the property without prior approval and the residents were concerned,” Councillor Butler said.

“When the development application came in, we drew a line in the sand.

“Whipper Snapper have agreed to the conditions and if they don’t follow them they’ll be whipper-snapped.”

A council report said there were 11 objections to the proposed use for functions during consultation.

“These functions have been excessively loud and caused unreasonable disturbance to residents in adjacent streets; ran until late with a DJ or live band; and patrons behaved inappropriately outside the venue by littering and urinating,” the report said.

The approved planning committee recommendations included a maximum of 80 guests, a 10pm limit on functions from Monday-Sunday, a noise curfew after 7pm and a limit of three events per month.

The City approved Whipper Snapper’s application to hold corporate functions with conditions and allow use as a cafe from 7am-6pm.

Whipper Snapper managing director Alasdair Malloch said he was pleased to have the City’s support.

“It is also important for us to have the support of local community for our small business in such a niche environment,” Mr Malloch said.