Youth on multiple charges

Senior Sergeant Dave Whitnell said the Bayswater Inquiry Team started police Operation Benzar to investigate a series of burglaries, stolen motor vehicles and other crimes between February 22 and 23.

He said despite the initial success of the operation, which resulted in five offenders charged with 45 offences including stealing an $110,000 Audi and a $50,000 Holden Monaro Utility, one of the principal offenders remained elusive to police.

Snr Sgt Whitnell said by chance police found the offender walking along a road in Ashfield.

A 17-year-old Bayswater youth was charged with nine offences including stealing motor vehicles, reckless driving, stealing, aggravated burglary, receiving and fraud.

Snr Sgt Whitnell said because of Operation Benzar, police recovered a majority of stolen items and returned them to the owners, but the stolen two-month-old Audi sedan valued at $110,000 had been crashed and was a write-off.

‘The professionalism, work ethic and dedication to duty shown by the officers involved in investigating these matters reflects positively on them as individuals, the Bayswater Police Station team and WA Police as a whole.’