Zooming in on quake aid

Seng raised $10,000 for the appeal, taking photos across Perth from May 22-23.

He took a selfie with a quokka on Rottnest Island, shot a midnight maternity photo, gave an inspirational talk to photography students at St Hilda�s Anglican School for Girls and even dressed up as Steve Aoki to drive an Uber car.

Individuals were encouraged to donate $200 and businesses were asked to donate $500 for an hour of Seng�s time.

He said his first overseas adventure was to Nepal in 2009, where he volunteered at a remote primary school before he had any interest in photography.

�It was an eye-opening experience, and one that sparked my love of travel, community and curiosity about the world outside my own little bubble,� Seng said.

�After the recent tragic events, I�ve been trying to think of a way to give back to the country and the people that really started it all for me.

�As soon as I announced it, there were enough requests to fill the whole day but I wanted unique and different bookings.�

Seng said an extra $2000 was contributed to the fund after the 24-hour project was finished to bring the total up to $10,000.

�When we heard about the second earthquake, it strengthened my determination to do something,� he said. �I would like to go back (to Nepal).�

He is considering returning to the country at the end of the year.