A public service: opinion on removal of bus service

WHAT was the absolutely pressing need to remove bus route No 15 from the centre of its catchment areas in Glendalough and Mt Hawthorn?

In Sophie Gabrielle’s report in last week’s Guardian Express headlined “PTA refusal slammed”, Public Transport Authority flak-catcher Claire Krol trotted out the same tired old lines trying to justify the misguided re-routing of the No 15 bus.

Why? A 2015 PTA report shows passenger satisfaction in the area, including bus route 15, has been 97 per cent.

A SANDBAG survey showed that 244 local public transport users objected to any change at all.

Ms Krol stated that Transperth believed re-routing route 15 would ensure this service remained sustainable.

The PTA knows Australian public transport is subsidised by 75 per cent – only 25c in the dollar comes from fares. It’s a public service.

Disabled bus patrons are not asking for a door-to-door service, as suggested by Ms Krol.

They just require reversal of the unnecessary removal of a decades-old reliable route.

Tad Krysiak, convener,

Seniors ANd Disabled

Bus Action Group,

Mt Hawthorn.