Actions disgust

AS an age pensioner barely surviving on just over $20K a year, I am angry and disgusted at federal ministers squandering my annual pension many times over on fancy meals, exorbitant travel and unjustifiable jaunts.

The Libs complain about pensioners who built this country. It is not as though successive governments have not known for more than 40 years that people were ageing, and they should have been more dedicated to put the support system in place.

It is ironic that the Liberals were generally the ones opposing super deductions, and now they have the gall to complain about the result.

I can’t for the life of me fathom how they think they can justify spending the amounts they do on so-called entitlements.

This Government has been an abject failure.

Based on their promises and if consumer law applied, we should be entitled to a refund of our votes.

Name and address supplied.