Added insult

AGAIN, the police remind us not to leave our doors and windows open or unlocked, even when we are at home.

In addition, they point out that 14 out of 23 burglaries in the Central Metropolitan Police District are the result of so-called �complacency�.

Excuse me, but how on earth are so many burglars at liberty to be thieving in the first place?

Who is not doing their job?

To add insult to injury, it is clear to anyone that our so-called �judiciary� has one and only one policy and that is to ensure that these hardened, recidivist criminals are spat back onto the street as rapidly as possible so that they may continue their crime-waves with virtual impunity.

A more honest approach would be to recommend that we all turn our homes into fortresses, that we venture out at our own risk and that the police and judiciary, frankly, couldn�t give a damn.


West Leederville.