All or nothing

I’M absolutely dismayed about the threatened disembowelment of Vincent.

I’m not sure about other areas, but the Town of North Perth was swallowed up by Perth in 1914, and remained so until 1994 when Vincent was formed.

Vincent turned out to be very good for we natives. It seems unjust to fold it up.

Now the Premier is acting like a carpetbagger, trying to cherry pick the more vibrant parts of Vincent and intends to exile the rest of us to woop woop.

Vincent, being an inner doorstep urban area, still has an invisible umbilical cord to the city. It certainly has non, nil, zero affinity to the northern capital of suburbia, Stirling.

If the Premier wishes to have part of the Vincent cake, he must take it all or nothing: not carry on like a spoilt brat, licking off the icing and expecting others to consume the spit-covered slobbery remains.

Stewart Dudley,

North Perth