Backward decision

YOUR front page 30th Anniversary Issue a few weeks ago was excellent, congratulations, especially the article on the early stages of East Perth redevelopment, I presume dated July 1985.

I used my wee magnifying glass to read it thoroughly. The area now Claisebrook Village, Claisebrook Cove, City Farm and Belvidere is an award-winning, world-class example of urban renewal, relocating the old inner-city industrial sites, restoring land and creating a great place to live close to the CBD.

There is much parkland, open spaces, a good mix of medium to high-density housing and most facilities within walking distance.

It is a credit to the designers and city planners.

It is such a shame that the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority has recently approved the construction of a railway depot right on the doorstep of this delightful precinct.

The PTA depot comes complete with the noise, night-time shunting, grime and 20-metre light towers that you would expect from a 24-hour operation.

It will be a sad sight for the Farmer Freeway motorists, and for the new developments proposed at the Old East Perth Power Station site.

One would be forgiven for thinking that the MRA travelled back to 1985 to make this decision.