Call to not bisect our ‘burbs

Mr Hyde, who lost the State seat of Perth this year and was previously Vincent Mayor from 1999-2001, said he would consider a return to local government once amalgamations were finalised.

‘Many locals have asked me to consider standing,’ he said.

‘I would never run against (Lord Mayor) Lisa Scaffidi or Alannah MacTiernan but I would never say never in two years if Lisa chose to stand down.’

Ms Scaffidi has not said if she will run for the position after amalgamations are finalised.

When the Guardian Express asked if she was interested in continuing to serve as Lord Mayor, she said it was ‘irrelevant’.

Ms MacTiernan will step down as Vincent Mayor before the next local government election to run as Federal candidate for Perth.

Mr Hyde, who was second Vincent Mayor after inaugural Mayor Jack Marks passed away, said an expanded City of Perth should incorporate all Vincent suburbs.

‘The Liberal Government has tried to limit the ability of real residents to run the bigger City of Perth by splitting and obliterating Vincent,’ the former Perth Labor MLA said.

Nick Catania, who was longest running Vincent Mayor from 2001-2011, said he was concerned that suburbs were being split between Perth and Stirling.

‘The boundaries should not split suburbs down the middle and handball one bit of Vincent to Perth and another part to Stirling,’ he said.

‘I think it is a pity that Vincent is being dissolved. There will be a noticeable cultural change.’

Both Mr Catania and Mr Hyde said the benefits of living in a small, well-run council would be lost to amalgamation.

Local Government Minister Tony Simpson said councils could request boundary changes in their submissions to the Local Government Advisory Board.