Cat’s life saved

She had come out of her way from across the park because she was worried the cat was injured.

My daughter found her cat, tongue hanging out, bleeding profusely and in shock, hiding next door.

We rushed her to a vet in Balcatta and she has, albeit still very weak, survived.

But we now face more than $5000 in vet’s bills.

I know the dog was a black kelpie cross and I know the dog chased the cat out of our garden and pursued her before attacking.

In addition, after seeing video footage I know the appearance of the woman who, although seeing how her dog just about ripped our cat apart, grabbed the dog and just walked off.

I do not blame the dog; it was acting on instinct. But is that way to treat someone’s pet?

I sure hope there is such a thing as karma.

I say a big thank you to the woman who went out of her way to let us know what had happened. She saved a life and she stopped my daughter from having to grieve for her beloved cat.

Maybe a few more of you need reminding sometimes that a kind act of generosity in spirit doesn’t take much effort but can save much heartache.

If anyone is thinking the cat should have been inside, not all cats can be kept as inside cats. But she is always in at night and has never ever wandered.

She doesn’t live with us permanently, but I believe that cats, if at all possible, should be kept inside, with access to an outside run.